Discover how choosing a used computer can benefit your wallet, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Compare seven top reasons to buy pre-owned over brand new! Find out why buying used computers instead of new can save you money. Learn about the advantages of purchasing second-hand machines to meet your computing needs.

Are refurbished PCs good?

Are used computers worth the risk? Considering a refurbished computer is an economical way to save money, but how do you know if it will be a good investment? The answer is that in many cases buying a used computer can be worthwhile, so long as you take the necessary steps to ensure you are making a wise purchase. Consider the condition of the machine and consider any potential warranties or returns policies before proceeding.

What is a Refurbished or used computer?

A refurbished or used computer at TechForGood are usually unboxed or demo computers that have been professionally tested and repaired by the manufacturer or retailer. Refurbished computers or laptops usually come at a discounted price and will often be returned to factory settings with all previous data wiped. Depending on the retailer, you may get an indication of the condition of the refurbishment through a grading system. Generally, a refurbished computer should function similarly to one that is new, unlike buying one from your social media marketplace at TechForGood we will inform you if they come with a warranty and the condition that the computer is in, with a returns policy. If your organization does not meet these criteria, it is not currently eligible.

Advantages of Refurbished Computers

  • Price – With a suitable, refurbished device, you will be getting a product that works like new for a reduced price. If the refurbishment has been done well, you could be getting yourself a bargain as the condition will not differ from a similar new product.
  • Trustworthy Sellers – If you use a responsible retailer, you can be assured that any original defect will have been corrected. The repair and testing service should guarantee that you get a great product at a discounted price.
  • At TechForGood we stress that using a reputable retailer or manufacturer can significantly increase the chance of you getting a reliable product.
  • Open-Box Products – These are computers that have been ordered but then cancelled. These products will have never been used and are therefore exactly as new. Retailers cannot sell these as new so they offer them at a discounted price as refurbished.
  • Save the Environment – With new releases and tech being introduced more often than ever, it is sad to see excellent computers ending up in landfills so users can upgrade to the latest version.
  • Unfortunately, computers are filled with toxic components that can cause serious harm to the environment if not recycled properly. Chemicals like mercury, lead, and beryllium can leak into the soil, destroy wildlife, and pollute water sources. At TechForGood we will GreenCycle all electrical waste.
  • Refurbishment offers a waste friendly solution that will help take care of the planet. Since many companies have a Green policy, buying refurbished could be a great way to make a real difference to sustainability.

Disadvantages of Refurbished Computers

  • Purchasing a used computer can be risky. Many dishonest retailers won’t have conducted inspections, repairs or quality control checks that could identify any potential faults. It’s essential to ensure the seller has a good reputation if you want to get good value for the refurbished computer.
  • To ensure you’re getting the best deal, look for reputable retailers that provide detailed grading systems and certifications on their refurbished models. Additionally, many retailers offer guarantees on used computers.
  • When shopping for a used computer, it’s important to do your research. Look up the retailer online, read reviews on their products and services, and investigate their approach to testing and repairing.
  • Depending on its previous use and repair attempts, it may have scratches and other cosmetic damage. Additionally, the technical side of things may not live up to the same standard as a new computer.
  • Delivery Damage –Without the original packaging, it’s possible for the hardware to be damaged during transportation, making the purchase a potentially unreliable and costly endeavor.
  • The problem here is that the parts have been used, and their overall lifespan may be reduced.

Is it worth buying a refurbished computer?

When purchasing a used computer, there are potential drawbacks that must be considered. It is possible that the repairs that have been done to the machine may not be sufficient or the longevity of the computer could be significantly decreased.

Used computers can be an economical option if you’re looking for something to use just for basic computing tasks. However, purchasing a second-hand device can come with some risks. To help protect yourself, it’s important to purchase from a reputable retailer and get good warranty coverage, such as up to three years of protection. This will help you feel the same peace of mind as buying a new product.

Do some research into the retailer of refurbished computers and look out for the following things:

A good warranty
A specified trial period
A transparent quality control process
If you consider buying a refurbished computer or other hardware, check out our Shop – TechForGood. We work with carefully selected partners that have a strict grading policy.

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